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Icons [28 Feb 2009|06:57pm]
If you are looking for the icons that I have made, they are kept at canadianclearly.
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Writer's Block: I'd Like to Thank... [24 Feb 2008|07:43pm]
Write your Academy Awards acceptance speech.
Well, I can't say this is unexpected! The amount of time waiting for you to realize my brilliance, however, was longer than I had expected. How I have waited so impatiently for this moment! This moment is mine and I will use it to call out all of those back stabbers who will soon be clawing their way back into the light of my brilliance in hopes of keeping their star still aglow. They will be the moon to my sun. Their fading stars will only be lit with the reflection of my ever-shining star. Their light will be as false as their personalities and as empty as their stomachs! False and empty- how Hollywood. HA! Anyway, I have arranged this list of back stabbers by star rating and my intense dislike of them. Here they are! Ste-

*music beginnings*

What? NO! You will not interrupt my golden moment! You there! Music man! SHUT IT.

*music gets louder*

HEY! Look at me when I am talking to you, music man!

*music gets even louder*

Screw this! I'm an Oscar winner now! I do what I want!

*storms off to go have a nice conversation with the host*


Oh, the drama!


[09 Dec 2005|07:34pm]

Even though some people overreact to people's secret, there are still so positive ones out there.

First Post [09 Dec 2005|04:56pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Be Assertive- Be Assertive- Be Assertive- Be Assertive- Be Assertive


I made this journal because I really don't want to stand by and not say anything anymore. I never really talked to anyone while I used my icon journal canadianclearly... Sure I had things to say but I was just to shy too...

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